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In a world where more and more logistic chains involve the use of the ISO sea container, the in depth knowledge on container crane calculations is decreasing year by year. Langeveld has recognized this trend in declining knowledge in one of the world’s most important links in global transportation: the container crane.

Apart from the general crane engineering, there is a strong focus within Langeveld on:

  1. Detail calculation of the mechanisms of all moving parts on container cranes: Not only the life time calculation, but also drive line and power calculations form the basis of the reliable day to day crane operation. Langeveld is specialized in the detail design engineering of the complete drive line of all crane movements.

  2. Strength and fatigue calculations on the crane steel structure: how long will your crane be able to keep up with your 24/7 operation given the daily load spectrum of your cargo? What adaptations are necessary to your steel structure in order for your crane to ensure the same uptime tomorrow? Answers to these questions have been and are of great importance to many of your colleague crane owners. Answers that are our day to day business to deliver.

Our recent Projects

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  • P1060302-1

    Helsingborg, Sweden | Trolley wheel alignment

    December 2013. The project in Helsingborg, Sweden, consisted of the exchange of all four trolley wheels, followed by a complete alignment procedure. Driving by service van from The Netherlands, all tools, jacks and alignment equipment was shipped to Sweden for this short notice service intervention.

  • Zhen Hua 26, 14-1-2014, nr.8

    Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Consultancy services ECT Delta Terminal

    2012-2013. Langeveld Project Management B.V. has delivered consultancy engineering services in the procurement process of 5 Super Post Panamax cranes for ECT Delta in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Besides a complete check of all the calculations and drawings of the Chinese crane builder ZPMC, a separate calculation model was made of the cranes, enabling a full check of the steel structures. The cranes were built and shipped fully erect from Shanghai to Rotterdam.

  • P1060648

    Cotonou, Benin | Trolley wheel alignment

    November 2013. Trolley alignment services were provided on site in Cotonou, Benin, on two newly delivered container cranes for the Bolloré-Group, Africa Logistics.

  • P1060558

    Manzanillo, Mexico | Crane weight measurement

    October 2013. The weight measurement of a container crane is of paramount importance to many parties. Both the crane builder as well as the operator benefit from the insight provided from an accurate weight measurement. This insight varies from the actual load on the quay rails or e.g. the stability under storm conditions to even the fatigue load in normal operation. From the weight measurement, also the location of the Center of Gravity in the X-Y plane is calculated.

    In order to serve the involved parties, the crane weight of the newly delivered Ship to Shore container cranes was measured at the ICTSI terminal in Manzanillo, Mexico. Flying in with a full set of weight measurement equipment from The Netherlands, Langeveld has measured the weight of the cranes in all operational conditions.

  • IMG_1075 (Large)_V2

    Point Noire, Congo | Interim project management

    April 2013. Interim project management services were delivered for the commissioning of two newly delivered Kalmar cranes to Congo Terminal, Pointe Noire. After the cranes arrived fully erected from China, the final commissioning was finalized on site in Congo. The delivered services comprised of the commissioning process, hand-over testing and load testing, witnessed by the representative of the Bolloré-group.

  • P1060320

    Istanbul, Turkey | Trolley wheel alignment

    July 2013. For the Istanbul project, the Langeveld team flew to Turkey with the complete alignment equipment. Making use of the latest techniques, the trolley wheel alignment was adjusted within the international cranes standards. Accurate alignment of the trolley wheels is of utmost importance for the driver’s comfort. Apart from this, wear and tear process between the wheels and the rails is slowed down significantly. Consequently, also the power consumption of the crane is affected positively.

  • P1060921

    Abidjan, Ivory Coast | Trolley wheel alignment

    March 2014. Following the delivery of two new container cranes to Abidjan Terminal by Cargotec, Langeveld has aligned the trolley wheels of these brand new cranes to the highest standard.

  • P1000196-1

    Yemen, Hodeidah Port | Project management YRSPC

    2008-2009. Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation (Hodeidah Port) Contracts Langeveld

    In 2003 crane builder FIGEE delivered two container cranes to the Port of Hodeidah. In a severe accident in 2008, one of these cranes collapsed. On 13th of November 2008, the Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation (Port of Hodeidah), Yemen, awarded Langeveld Project Management with the supervision contract for the repair of their FIGEE Container Crane No3.

    Langeveld Project Management has managed the repair project on behalf of YRSPC in all relevant disciplines: engineering, calculations, quality control, transportation, heavy lifting and commissioning.

  • P1070912

    Cartagena, Colombia | Modification and trolley wheel alignment

    July 2014. Not all trolleys allow for accurate wheel alignment in their original design. Following an adaptation in the trolley wheel assembly on the ‘Kalmar’ STS crane of the latest generation in the Port of Cartagena, the eight trolley wheels were successfully aligned to the FEM Standard.

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